Security Token Offerings

first-in-class investments

Uberstate uses the power of the iComply platform to meet global compliance standards for over 162 countries internationally with our various Securities Token Offerings. Since blockchain investment is a global business it is a requirement to have stringent guidelines for accepting capital to meet FINTRAC compliance standards in Canada.

iComplyICO provides companies with a step-by-step guide & platform for issuing and managing an STO. This can be used to conduct a presale, live crowd sale, and secondary trade monitoring. This platform also allows us to white list or blacklist wallets that may be associated with illicit activity such as pornography , money laundering , or the sale of illegal goods and services.

Investors can add any Ethereum Wallet and allows Uberstate Inc. to risk rate wallets, screen accreditation for investors, and generate tax reporting based on jurisdiction and tax regime. This is important as a control measure for our company as it allows us the insight required to perform trades and remain compliant within the Canadian Regulatory environment.

Uberstate Inc. is currently in the process of integration with this existing proven technology for the purpose of creating a downloadable application using API’s associated with the iComply technology.

The three primary use cases for these securities tokens are.

  1. Direct ownership of real estate assets via shares in limited partnership(s).
  2. Titled Ownership of individual real estate assets on the ethereum blockchain.
  3. Qualification of Permanent Resident investment Visa platform in Canada.