RIT Blockchain


As Uberstate expands its portfolio of digital assets RIT becomes available for purchase on various cryptocurrency exchanges which include but are not limited to, Digipeso, Ether Delta, Fork Delta and others in the near future.

Currently there is a shift towards blockchain for all elements of securities from exchanges to compliance and tokenization. Uberstate has taken advantage of these trends and paired them with Real Estate investment and cryptocurrency mining to produce a true securities tokens that has the tangibility of real estate and the liquidity of crypto currency where token holders are paid profits from both mining and real estate.

RIT users can also sell their tokens to others or trade into Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Fiat currency. RIT has minted 400,000,000 tokens and has the ability to mint more if the market seems fit based on market demand for expansion of the Uberstate portfolio of assets. Bitcoin and Ethereum mining as a tenant is the primary source of revenue for the company.