Blackpaper V 2.01

Uberstate, has developed a stable crypto currency focused on the purchase, sale, lease, and expense of all real estate assets, globally.

Through the purchase of RIT, users are able to HODL or exchange as the exclusive currency to buy Securities tokens that represent ownership the real estate assets.

RIT, is pegged against the value of the stable Canadian real estate economy ; this represents a total value of 4.8 trillion dollars.

RIT is NOT a security ! It is a commodity of use, or a medium of exchange like fiat currency ; it is developed under a deep liquidity framework of exchanges, and trading. This is similar to FOREX markets as evidenced by trading pairs with ETH/BTC/USDT, like any other currency.

RIT does not represent ownership in real estate assets for holders of the tokens.

There is no Initial Coin Offering planned for RIT. 

This website does not constitute an offer to buy, sell, or purchase securities of any kind, nor is it a solicitation thereof.

Please, download our Blackpaper below for further education.

RIT blackpaper