Uberstate short for Uber Real Estate  is a privately held Canadian corporation involved in the management and ownership of Blockchain based Mining initiatives located in Winnipeg Manitoba and other parts of North America, Europe, and Asia.  The primary business behind Uberstate is ownership of blockchain based digital assets using real estate as a security or hedge against inflation in our portfolio of assets.

Uberstate is focused on investment in mining as a service and mining as a tenant and believes in the power of cryptographic currencies as the basis for the new financial world economy. Mining as a tenant or (MAAT) is the primary use case for our blockchain based cryptocurrency and allows those who hold our crypto currency to profit based on the performance of the mining sites providing better returns over the short and long term.

Uberstate is the first company of its kind to involve Securities Token Offerings or STO’s that offer ownership in these projects while remaining compliant with securities commissions, and financial Regulators like FINTRAC here in Canada. With our team of industry leading experts Uberstate is defining a new economy of investment for both blockchain, real estate and cryptocurrency. By providing the highest and best use case these three assets Uberstate will disrupt investment in Securities Token Offerings.